Certified IRB Professional (CIP)

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As part of our commitment to helping concerned professionals improve human subject protections, PRIM&R is proud to offer its Certified IRB Professional (CIP®) program, a certification initiative for individuals working with IRBs. The CIP credential was developed to promote ethical research practices and programs by ensuring that professionals charged with their administration have demonstrated an advanced level of knowledge, understanding, and experience.

Why Become Certified?

The CIP credential:

  • Promotes the ethical conduct of research by strengthening the administration of human research protection programs (HRPPs).
  • Validates an individual’s professional experience and mastery of the body of knowledge determined by national experts to be essential to competent HRPP and IRB administrative practices
  • Encourages personal growth and professional development
  • Provides an expanded array of career advancement opportunities
  • Strengthens the quality of HRPPs by certifying a cadre of committed and educated individuals

Read more about the benefits of certification in an article published by the Department of the Navy Human Research Protection Program. You can also download the CIP Handbook to start the certification process.


The CIP program was created in 1999 after many years of discussion and planning by organizational members and leaders. The program was the result of a broadly based, grassroots effort by IRB professionals and policy makers committed to improving the quality of HRPPs. More than 2,500 individuals have become certified since the credential was introduced. PRIM&R is proud that this voluntary program has been so widely embraced by the HRPP community as a means to advance and demonstrate competence in such an important field.


The CIP program is administered under contract with the Professional Testing Corporation (PTC). The validity of individual test questions is authenticated by certified professionals, while PTC provides professional testing and management services. These services include assistance with test development, administration, scoring and statistical analysis, and processing candidate applications and fees. Questions regarding administration of the examination may be directed to PTC by email, phone (212.356.0660), or fax (212.356.0678).