CPIA Eligibility

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The Certified Professional IACUC Administrator (CPIA) program is for individuals whose primary job responsibilities include substantial involvement in and overseeing, administering, or performing the daily activities of an institution’s animal care and use committee (IACUC) program. Individuals involved in IACUC activities who meet the following eligibility requirements are eligible to take the examination:

  • A Bachelor’s degree plus two (2) years of qualifying, relevant IACUC experience within the past seven years or no educational requirement and four (4) years of relevant IACUC experience within the past seven years
  • Completion and filing of an Application for the Certification by Examination for Certified Professional IACUC Administrators, including a CV/resume showing relevant IACUC experience
  • Adherence to the Code of Ethics for Certified Professional IACUC Administrators
  • Payment of the required fee

Qualifying, relevant institutional IACUC experience must represent a commitment to the area of animal subjects protection. Qualifying, relevant experience requires performance of IACUC functions, as listed below, at the institutional level:

  • Manages protocol review process
  • Coordinates facility inspection process and program review
  • Develops, manages, and implements IACUC policies, procedures, and guidelines
  • Directs the preparation of and/or prepares regulatory/accreditation documents (e.g., AAALAC, DOD, OLAW/PHS, USDA, VA)
  • Serves as a subject matter expert regarding compliance and regulatory issues pertaining to your institution’s animal care and use program
  • Coordinates and manages post-approval monitoring and investigation of animal welfare concerns
  • Office management and/or administrative support for IACUC committee functions
  • Provides and/or manages regulatory training program for institutional staff.

Service as an IACUC member, an attending veterinarian, or as an institutional official does not in itself meet the primary eligibility requirements for performance of IACUC administrative functions. Merely interacting with an IACUC office on an occasional, or even routine basis (as is common with research staff/investigators who submit protocols or have their laboratory areas inspected, veterinary/animal care staff participating in facility inspections, or veterinarians conducting

protocol consultation) does not meet the requirements for relevant institutional IACUC experience for the CPIA certification program.

Individuals who have questions about their eligibility should contact the CPIA Council prior to applying to sit for the exam. The CPIA designation is not intended to be used as a means of qualification for IACUC-related employment for applicants who do not have any prior IACUC-related work experience.

For further information, please contact PRIM&R by email or by telephone at 617.423.4112, ext. 0.