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This section of PRIM&R’s website provides resources related to research ethics and oversight. Please note that access is only available to PRIM&R members.

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Knowledge Center resources are organized into the following sections:

  • Research Ethics Publications: News and articles related to research regulation, administration, and ethics.
  • Workplace Tools: Sample forms, standard operating procedures, templates, checklists, and case studies.
  • PRIM&Rpedia: Definitions and explanations for commonly used terms in research oversight.
  • PRIM&R Program Archives: Presentations on critical topics from past conferences and webinars, as well as poster abstracts and PRIM&R’s Workload and Salary Survey results.
  • PRIM&R Policy Positions: PRIM&R’s public policy statements and white papers.
  • Selected Regulations and Guidance: Core regulations governing the conduct of research with human subjects and animals.
  • Historical Cases and Documents: Foundational documents and regulations pertaining to human subjects and animal research ethics and oversight.

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