At Your Doorstep

At Your Doorstep provides an easy, practical way to ensure that stakeholders in your institution's human research protections program (HRPP) and animal care and use program understand and implement the latest regulations, and apply ethical principles governing research.

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Offering a combination of courses, At Your Doorstep is an effective, economical way for your institution to meet its obligation to deliver continuing education. At Your Doorstep programs range from a half day to a day and a half, depending on your institution's needs. We encourage you to collaborate with neighboring institution(s) to defray the cost of the program, provide networking opportunities, and to broaden the learning experience for all participants. Contact us for help finding institutions in your area.

How At Your Doorstep works:

  1. The institution chooses the courses, the location, and suggests dates that are most convenient for hosting the event.
  2. Based on the educational goals and needs of the audience, PRIM&R chooses expert faculty members to teach the program.
  3. PRIM&R staff and the selected faculty work with your institutional liaison(s) to create an offering that addresses topics relevant to your needs.


At Your Doorstep programs have been held at more than 250 institutions ranging from small regional health centers to large government agencies. Institutions are encouraged to collaborate locally to host an At Your Doorstep program. Offering this program in conjunction with your local IRB consortium is a great way to share the educational benefits and also network with colleagues in your region.

To schedule an At Your Doorstep program at your institution, please complete a Request Form or contact Clare Ladd, conference and program coordinator, at 617.303.1881 or via email.