Connect & Engage

In today’s online world, PRIM&R offers many opportunities to connect with others and engage in conversations happening throughout our community.

Ampersand - PRIM&R’s blog, Ampersand, is a key source of research ethics news and commentary.

IRB Forum – The IRB Forum is an active online community where anyone working with HRPPs and IRBs can pose questions, exchange ideas, and share best practices with peers. Visit the IRB Forum.

Member Directory – The online Member Directory helps members find one another for consultation, advice, guidance, and any other type of professional support.

People & Perspectives – People & Perspectives (P&P) is an online archive, featuring oral histories and reflections, that seeks to uncover, collect, catalogue, preserve, and share the stories of those performing the essential work of advancing ethical research. Visit the P&P site.

PRIM&R Regional Connections – PRIM&R Regional Connections makes it easy for members to organize local events and reach out to nearby colleagues to talk, network, and swap ideas and strategies.

SBER Network – The SBER Network is an online community where PRIM&R members involved in the ethics and oversight of social, behavioral, and educational research (SBER) can exchange ideas, ask questions, share resources, and more.

Volunteer Opportunities – From contributing to Ampersand to mentoring a colleague, volunteering gives members the opportunity to make valuable connections and become more involved with the organization.