Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence
in Research Ethics

This award recognizes individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to the field of research ethics, "who have mastered the large body of information, have applied sound analytical methods to the resolution of particular problems and sound critical methods to the resolutions proposed by themselves or others, have synthesized their findings and those of others into new comprehensive accounts of the field, and have effectively communicated the fruits of their efforts to others." The award provides recognition by PRIM&R for those whose work has been seminal, exemplary, and the embodiment of a commitment to advancing research ethics.

Past recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award include:

2017 - Ruth Macklin
2017 - Temple Grandin
2016 - Bernard Rollin
2013 - Joan Rachlin
2011 - Ruth R. Faden and Tom L. Beauchamp
2009 - Albert Jonsen
2005 - Robert Levine
2003 - Charles McCarthy
2001 - Jay Katz

Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award (DSA) was established in 1996 to honor the exceptional accomplishments of deserving PRIM&R members. Candidates for the DSA have made a significant impact in the field of research ethics, and have attained distinction in promoting the purpose and ideals of the organization through writing, teaching, or research.

Past recipients of the Distinguished Service Award include:

2019- Robert Bienkowski
2018 - B. Taylor Bennett
2018 - P. Pearl O'Rourke
2014 - Paula Knudson
2012 - Mary Jo "MJ" Shepherd
2011 - Ivor Pritchard
2010 - Yvonne Higgins
2009 - Charlotte Coley
2008 - Jeremy Sugarman
2006 - Bonnie M. Lee
2005 - Ernest Prentice
2003 - Gary Chadwick and Susan Kornetsky
2002 - Joan Rachlin
2001 - Karen Hansen
2000 - Robert Nelson
1999 - Marky Pitts and Molly Greene
1998 - Ada Sue Selwitz
1997 - David Bernhardt
1996 - Helen McGough

ARENA Legacy Award

The ARENA Legacy Award (ALA) was developed to honor not only the chosen individual(s), but also to honor the living legacy created by the Applied Research Ethics National Association (ARENA), which was the membership division of PRIM&R from 1986 to 2006. One of ARENA's many important contributions was to encourage the advancement of those individuals working in the field, in order to promote professional excellence and ultimately contribute to a more ethical research enterprise. The ALA is intended to keep those ideals alive by honoring individuals who both embody and consistently foster professional leadership, education, and mentoring.

Past recipients of the ARENA Legacy Award include:

2019 - Susan Kornetsky
2018 - Jerry Castellano
2017 - Ada Sue Selwitz
2016 - Marcy Brown
2016 - Patricia MacCubbin
2015 - Karen Hale
2014 - Susie Hoffman
2013 - Dan Nelson
2012 - Susan Delano
2011 - Gigi McMillan
2010 - Jeff Cooper
2009 - Jeff Cohen
2008 - William Freeman
2007 - Elizabeth Bankert
2006 - Marky Pitts

Founders Award

In 2005, PRIM&R was honored to recognize the notable achievements of four individuals who played critical roles in the founding of both PRIM&R and ARENA. Their leadership, dedication, and wisdom were, and continue to be, instrumental in our growth and success.

The recipients of the Founders Award were:

Joseph Byrne
Sanford Chodosh
Natalie Reatig
Barbara Stanley

Former Awards

Special Service Award

The Special Service Award was intended "to recognize exemplary individuals who have made a valuable contribution to the goals of our organization and whose achievements promote the ethical conduct of research." Recipients of the Special Service Award were members or non-members who made short-term, but vital, contributions to our organization and/or to the field of applied research ethics for human or animal research. (This award was replaced by the ARENA Legacy Award in 2006.)

Recipients of the Special Service Award were: Dale Hammerschmidt (2005), Dan Nelson (2003), and Gary Ellis (2000)

President's Award

The purpose of this award was to allow the ARENA President to recognize an individual who had made a valuable contribution to the ARENA Council, but whom was not necessarily an ARENA member. The award was made once in 2002 to Paul W. Goebel, Jr.