2016 Awards

ARENA Legacy Award – Marcy Brown

2016 ARENA Legacy Award Winner Marcy BrownPRIM&R is pleased to present Marcy Brown, BS, MA, CMAR, CPIA, with the 2016 ARENA Legacy Award. Ms. Brown serves as the animal welfare regulatory compliance lead of Pfizer Global Research and Development in La Jolla, California.

Ms. Brown joined PRIM&R in 2000 and has been an active member ever since. She serves as chair on PRIM&R's Council for Certified Professional IACUC Administrators, served as a member of PRIM&R's Certification Committee, and has served as faculty at seven PRIM&R Essentials of IACUC Administration pre-conference courses and at 12 PRIM&R conferences.

In addition to her work with PRIM&R, Ms. Brown is responsible for ensuring ethical and high-quality animal care and welfare at Pfizer Global Research and Development, as well as alignment with Pfizer's global comparative medicine and research and development endeavors. She serves on the board of directors of the California Biomedical Research Association (CBRA) and as an AAALAC ad hoc specialist. Ms. Brown has also devoted significant time to presenting and co-facilitating presentations, workshops, and panels at the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) and Massachusetts Society for Medical Research (MSMR) meetings.

In the words of the PRIM&R member who nominated Ms. Brown:

She promotes a culture of animal welfare first, and is key in influencing others to uphold our high standards. Under her watch, we continue to maintain an exemplary animal care program as evidenced through continued accreditation with AAALAC International, as well as continued compliance with USDA standards. [Ms. Brown's] passion, commitment, and recognition as an experienced author, presenter, and instructor have established her reputation as an indispensable resource to those of us in the field.

She has influenced countless individuals to aspire to the highest ethical standards in the animal welfare field within our institutional organization, the greater San Diego Area research community and at a national level. [Ms. Brown's] focus on organizing and developing educational workshops, book chapters, networking opportunities and mentoring relationships exemplify the passion and commitment that drives her pursuit of excellence in this field.

That testimonial only begins to tell the tale of Ms. Brown's significant contributions to research ethics in animal care and use that has greatly benefited the PRIM&R community, including the attendees who have joined us here in New Orleans.

ARENA Legacy Award - Patricia MacCubbin

Patricia McCubbinPRIM&R is pleased to present Patricia A. MacCubbin, MS, with a 2016 ARENA Legacy Award. Ms. MacCubbin serves as the president and CEO of Research Ethics Group in Burlington, Vermont.

Ms. MacCubbin has been an active PRIM&R member since 1999. She has served as chair and a member of three SBER conference subcommittees, as a member of the Poster Abstract Sub-Committee for three conferences, on PRIM&R’s Regional Activities Committee, and as faculty at seven PRIM&R conferences.

In addition to the time she dedicates to PRIM&R, she is a chair of the ethics committee for the Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) and a member of ACRP, and serves as a consulting editor for human subjects protections for the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice. She is also senior consultant for the Scientists Center for Animal Welfare (SCAW) and serves on the planning committees for their annual conference and regional workshops.

In the words of the PRIM&R member who nominated Ms. MacCubbin:

Ms. MacCubbin has promoted the education of those involved in the oversight or conduct of ethical research throughout her career. Most prominently, she… accomplished this while employed with the City University of New York (CUNY). Overseeing 21 IRBs on 18 CUNY campuses, Ms. MacCubbin promoted attendance at [professional conferences such as AER], brought in consultants, and joined forces with other organizations to provide education to her staff, each person involved in research at the CUNY campuses, and … the community of researchers outside of CUNY. Never did Ms. MacCubbin think any question ridiculous, nor did she ever belittle anyone for not knowing something. Instead, Ms. MacCubbin encouraged questions and provided education. Her years of experience and dedication have been invaluable to learning.

The praise above only offers a glimpse of Ms. MacCubbin’s significant contributions to the PRIM&R community. We heard similar accounts from members and conference attendees.

Lifetime Achievement Award - Bernie Rollin

Bernard RollinPRIM&R’s Board of Directors have selected Bernard E. Rollin, PhD, to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Research Ethics in 2016. Dr. Rollin is PRIM&R’s first Lifetime Achievement Award recipient from the animal care and use field, and, not surprisingly, has made considerable and influential contributions to that field.

Dr. Rollin brought the field of applied ethics to veterinary medicine nearly four decades ago and has prodigiously explored and influenced every dimension of veterinary ethics and the human animal relationship since. He is a creative, provocative, engaging, and even confrontational philosopher and educator who has shared his perspective and stimulated thought and discourse among diverse audiences—veterinarians, research personnel, the large- and laboratory-animal production industries, companion animal breeders, wildlife researchers, and the animal control industry. He is a prolific scholar, intent on ensuring that our actions and the regulatory framework for the consideration of animal issues reflect our moral and ethical commitments to animals.

Once rare and nearly invisible, Dr. Rollin moved “ethics” squarely and comfortably into the lexicon of veterinary medicine.

Dr. Rollin serves as University Distinguished Professor, professor of philosophy, professor of biomedical sciences, professor of animal sciences, and university bioethicist at Colorado State University. He developed the world’s first courses in veterinary medical ethics, ethical issues in animal science, and biology combined with philosophy. He served on the Pew National Commission on Industrial Farm Animal Production and serves on the Institute of Laboratory Animal Research (ILAR) Council of the National Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Rollin is the author of 17 books, including Natural and Conventional Meaning; Animal Rights and Human Morality; The Unheeded Cry: Animal Consciousness, Animal Pain and Scientific Change; Farm Animal Welfare; The Frankenstein Syndrome; Science and Ethics; and Veterinary Medical Ethics: Theory and Cases, as well as more than 600 articles. He has edited a two volume work: The Experimental Animal in Biomedical Research. For 20 years, Dr. Rollin has written a popular monthly column on veterinary ethics for the Canadian Veterinary Journal, and he recently published his autobiography, titled Putting the Horse Before Descartes.

Dr. Rollin has received numerous national and international awards, including the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) Humane Award (2007). He is a founder and board member of Optibrand, an animal identification company utilizing retinal images. Dr. Rollin is also a weightlifter, horseman, and motorcyclist.