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Haley AubuchonHaley Aubuchon
Senior Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Direct: 617.303.1867
Ext. 1867
Tim BadmingtonTim Badmington
Public Engagement Manager
Direct: 617.303.1880
Ext. 1880
Joanna CardinalJoanna Cardinal
Associate Director of Operations
Direct: 617.303.1866
Ext. 1866
Connie DiCoccoConnie DiCocco, M.Ed
Managing Director
Direct: 617.303.1869
Ext. 1869
Alexa-DiehlAlexa Diehl
Operations Assistant
Direct: 617.370.8363
Ext. 8363
Haley DowdieHaley Dowdie
Executive Coordinator
Direct: 617.303.1861
Ext. 1861
Darby HullDarby Hull, JD
Research and Policy Specialist
Direct: 617.303.1877
Ext. 1877
Elisa HurleyElisa A. Hurley, PhD
Executive Director
Direct: 617.303.1872
Ext. 1872
Clare LaddClare Ladd
Conference and Program Coordinator
Direct: 617.303.1881
Ext. 1881
Isabel-LamontIsabel Lamont
Education Program Assistant
Direct: 617.303.1846
Ext. 1846
Maeve LuthinMaeve Luthin, JD
Associate Director for Professional Development
Direct: 617.303.1873
Ext. 1873
Mariellen MorrisMariellen Diemand Morris, MA
Director of Conferences
Direct: 617.303.1870
Ext. 1870
Aizpea MurphyAizpea Murphy
Conference Assistant
Direct: 617.303.1859
Ext. 1859
Nora MurphyNora Murphy
Online Learning Manager
Direct: 617.303.1876
Ext. 1876
Kayla ParkerKayla Parker
Membership and Database Coordinator
Direct: 617.303.1875
Ext. 1875
Ashley SavannahAshley Savannah
Conference and Program Manager
Direct: 617.303.1860
Ext. 1860
Sharon ShriverSharon Shriver, PhD
Director of Programs
Direct: 617.303.1878
Ext. 1878
Shana SonbolianShana Sonbolian
Membership Coordinator
Direct: 617.303.1864
Ext. 1864
Ellen-TubbsEllen Tubbs
Staff Accountant
Direct: 617.303.1862
Ext. 1862
Kelly WhelanKelly Whelan
Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications
Direct: 617.303.1871
Ext. 1871
Maggie WolffMaggie Wolff
Program Assistant
Direct: 617.303.1868
Ext. 1868

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