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  • Faculty (Critical Topics in SBER)

    Elizabeth BuchananElizabeth Buchanan, PhD, is endowed chair in ethics and director of the Center for Applied Ethics at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. During 2015-2017, she is serving as director of research administration, where she is responsible for overseeing IRB, IACUC, research misconduct, and grants and contracts.
    Elizabeth’s research focuses on the intersection of research regulations and internet research. She has written and presented widely for over fifteen years to many IRBs throughout the country, and research ethics boards internationally, including Ireland, India, Finland, Canada, and Serbia, among others. In addition, she’s presented to the Secretary's Advisory Committee to the Office for Human Research Protections on multiple occasions, and was a primary contributor to the SACHRP Recommendations on Internet Research. She has also been a keynote speaker for a number of Office for Human Research Protections Community Research Forums. Elizabeth is active in Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research (PRIM&R), serving on the faculty roster since 2008 and serving on the Conference Planning Committee since 2012. She was the Conference co-chair of PRIM&R’s 2015 Social, Behavioral, and Educational Research (SBER) Conference, and as of 2016, joined PRIM&R’s Board of Directors. Also, Elizabeth has been a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science Committee on Scientific Freedom and Responsibility since 2012.
    In addition to her work on internet research, Elizabeth is currently PI on her fourth National Science Foundation grant. In her recent study, she is looking at the ethical implications of service learning programs, and specifically, Engineers without Borders. Recent publications include a briefing on algorithmic harms in Data-Intensive Research in Education: Current Work and Next Steps; an article in Lecture Notes in Computer Science, titled “The New Normal: Revisiting Internet Research Ethics,” an entry in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy titled Internet Research Ethics, and a chapter on research ethics in the volume, Research, Evaluation and Audit (Facet Publishing). Elizabeth is the editor of one of the first anthologies of Internet research ethics (Readings in Virtual Research Ethics, 2004), and is author and/or co-author to numerous papers on research ethics and methods. Elizabeth is also primary co-author to the Association of Internet Researchers Ethics Guidelines for Internet Research. She holds BA degrees from Rutgers University, and her MA and PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

    Dean GallantDean R. Gallant, AB, retired in 2013 as assistant dean for research policy and administration in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University. In that capacity, he was responsible for the oversight of human subjects and animal research, professional conduct, and general issues of research policy. Mr. Gallant has a background in social psychology and worked at the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Research Center at McLean Hospital before serving as assistant director of the Center for Behavioral Sciences at Harvard University. He was director of the Harvard University Science Center for 10 years and served as a member of Harvard University’s Committee on the Use of Human Subjects in Research for 35 years, where he served as executive officer. He is an active member of PRIM&R, where he regularly serves on conference planning committees, and has spoken and written on human subjects research issues for many years.  He is currently a consultant with HRP Consulting Group, Inc., and also serves as a member of the Subcommittee on Harmonization of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Secretary’s Advisory Committee on Human Research Protections (SACHRP).