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  • Volunteer Opportunities

    You can be a part of making AER16 a valuable learning and networking opportunity for other attendees! By volunteering in one or more of the capacities below, you’ll have unique opportunities to meet other attendees and see behind the scenes of AER16. For more information, or to sign up to volunteer, please contact the membership team at 617.303.1868

    Community Ambassador
    Keynote/Panel/Plenary Usher
    First-Time Attendee Breakfast Facilitator
    PRIM&R Blog Squad Member
    PRIM&R Exhibit Booth Attendant
    Registration Desk Volunteer
    Walk/Run Leader

    Community Ambassador

    Community Ambassadors (previously Affinity Group Facilitators) are charged with aiding fellow attendees in meeting and connecting with each other. As Community Ambassador, you will:

    • Connect and network with attendees during the meeting
    • Help coordinate two onsite events: the Peer-to-Peer Networking Breakfast and Roundtable Discussions, both on November 14
    • Attend the lunches and networking receptions on both November 14 and 15. 

    In addition, you will receive discounted registration to AER16: Community Ambassadors pay just $550 to attend. The application period for those interested in serving as a Community Ambassador has now closed. However, there’s still time to volunteer in any of the other capacities listed on this page!


    Keynote/Panel/Plenary Session Usher

    Serving as an usher provides volunteers a unique opportunity to network and act as the face of PRIM&R to other conference attendees. Make attendees feel welcome by assisting them with finding seats before one or more panel, plenary, or keynote sessions. 

    As a usher, you will:

    • Greet conference attendees warmly and maintain a welcoming presence.
    • Answer questions when possible, and/or direct attendees to the appropriate staff members.  

    Available shifts:

    Monday, November 14

    7:45–8:15 AM (Keynote 1)
    9:25–9:55 AM (Panel I)
    11:15–11:45 AM (Panels II & III)

    Tuesday, November 15

    7:45–8:15 AM (Keynote 2)

    9:30–10:00 AM (“Innovations in…” A, B, & C)

    1:45–2:15 PM (Panels IV, V, & VI)

    Wednesday, November 16

    7:45–8:15 AM (Keynote 3)
    9:30–10:00 AM (Panels VII, VIII, & IX)
    1:45–2:15 PM (Closing General Session)

    If you are interested in volunteering in this capacity, email the membership team at with your date, time, and (if appropriate) panel preferences. 


    First-Time Attendee Breakfast Discussion Facilitator

    Seasoned conference attendees are invited to join us at the Continental Breakfast to Welcome First-Time Attendees on Monday, November 14 from 7:00 to 8:00 AM. Share your wisdom, past conference experiences, and tips for getting the most out of a packed conference program with newcomers at your table.

    As a first-time attendee breakfast discussion facilitator, you will:

    • Attend the breakfast on November 14 from 7:00-8:00 AM
    • Share helpful hints and answer questions about the conference from attendees at your table
    • Make conference attendees feel welcome


    PRIM&R Blog Squad Member

    The PRIM&R Blog Squad is a team of dedicated PRIM&R members who help cover our annual conferences from start to finish. Blog Squad members compose a series of blog posts before, during, and after the event. Their responses are then edited and posted on our blog, Ampersand, for anyone in the research ethics community to read.

    In addition to having their voices heard, those selected to serve on the PRIM&R Blog Squad will receive complimentary conference registration and registration to the pre-conference program of their choice.

    As a PRIM&R Blog Squad member, you will:

    • Complete and submit the Blog Squad application by September 15, 2016.
    • Compose a series of posts (roughly 400 words each) for our blog, Ampersand.
    • One blog post before the conference, one blog post during the conference, and three to four follow-up posts once the conference is over.
    • Maintain communication with PRIM&R staff regarding publication deadlines, content editing, etc.

    For more information on the PRIM&R Blog Squad at conferences, please visit the Blog Squad webpage.


    PRIM&R Exhibit Booth Attendant

    As a PRIM&R exhibit booth attendant, you will:

    • Sign up for a shift during the conference (you may choose any date(s) or time(s) that work with your schedule)
    • Promote PRIM&R membership and programs
    • Answer questions when possible, and/or direct attendees to appropriate staff

    Shifts of 30 minutes to two hours are available during meals and breaks between sessions, which are outlined below:

    Monday, November 14

    7:00–8:00 AM
    11:00–11:30 AM
    12:45–2:30 PM

     5:15–6:30 PM

    Tuesday, November 15

    7:00–8:00 AM

    9:15–9:45 AM

    12:45–1:45 PM

    4:45–6:00 PM

    Wednesday, November 16

    7:00–8:00 AM
    9:15–10:45 AM
    12:45–1:45 PM

    Please note, you may sign up for all or part of any of the times listed above. 


    Registration Desk Volunteer

    Serve as volunteer at our registration desk and you’ll be one of the first faces seen by many of our attendees! In this role, you’ll be responsible for checking in attendees as they arrive, providing them with the materials they’ll need for the event, and answering general event and venue-related questions.

     Those who volunteer in this capacity will be asked to attend a brief training on the evening of November 12, the morning of November 13, or the morning of November 14.

    The available shifts are:

    Sunday, November 13  

    7:009:00 AM (those attending a pre-conference program and interested in volunteering for this shift may leave at 8:30 AM in order to arrive for the start of their program)
    11:30 AM–2:00 PM

    Monday, November 14  

    6:45–8:00 AM  

    Tuesday, November 15

    6:45–8:00 AM

    Attendees who serve three or more hours as registration desk volunteers will receive a $50 discount on their registration.  


    Walk/Run Leader

    Rally your fellow conference attendees for some exercise and sightseeing. Group walks and runs are popular events every year,often taking place in the mornings before the conference begins each day.

    As a walk/run leader, you will: 

    • Organize a casual walk or a run for conference attendees, pick a meeting spot for the group, and share this information with the PRIM&R staff who will publicize this information on our conference website.
    • Post a notice about the walk or run on the conference message board onsite and spread the word to those you meet.

    Interested in participating in one or more of these activities? Let us know! Email or call 617.303.1868 to sign up or for more information.