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  • Integrity in Research: RCR Concepts
    and Cases


    What are the guiding principles for scientific research and scholarship? Responsible conduct of research (RCR) principles are broad, interdisciplinary guidelines that provide common language about ethical considerations that scientists and scholars encounter during the course of their work. One of these guidelines is "Protection of Human Subjects;" what are the others?

    Through the use of case studies, this full-day workshop will explore the responsible conduct of research by highlighting historical events as well as emerging issues, such as the "reproducibility crisis," considerations in big data research, stem cells, and current and future challenges of concern to oversight professionals.

    A few of the questions we will examine include: What keeps researchers honest? Whose responsibility is it to ensure that research is performed ethically? What happens when it isn't?

    This program will provide an overview of RCR, along with interactive discussion of case studies and current events. This course is appropriate for those new to the topic as well as those with knowledge or experience of RCR issues.