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    Biobanking in an Era of Precision Medicine Research: Approaches to the Ethical, Regulatory, and Practical Challenges
    Critical Topics in SBER
    Ethical and Practical Issues in Global Research
    Ethical and Regulatory Review of Research: Case Studies
    Ethical Study Design is Good Science
    Implementing the Revised Common Rule
    IRB 101
    IRB Chairs Boot Camp: Tools for Successful IRB Leadership
    Single IRBs: From Idea to Implementation
    Tips and Tools for Effective Education and Training
    Overview (agenda to come)

    Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego

    November 14, 2018

    Half-day workshop from 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM

    *Note: If you are taking both half-day preconference programs (one in the morning and one in the afternoon), please note that lunch will be available. If you are only taking this half-day workshop, lunch will not be provided

    The purpose of the Tips and Tools for Effective Education and Training program is to coach IRB educators in the use of active-learning pedagogy and best practices for creating and delivering effective educational and training sessions. Often, IRB educators have very little time, or only a single opportunity, to share a large amount of information. Many of these IRB staff have little background or experience as educators or public speakers. During this course, participants will learn the most effective ways to organize and present content, incorporating active-learning skills that are effective for either large or small groups. They will learn how to effectively use PowerPoint and other presentation methods for the most efficient knowledge transfer while also encouraging active engagement with the material being presented. Breakout sessions will be conducted, in which activities effective for small groups will be discussed and demonstrated. Strategies for addressing typical challenges, such as individuals or groups who dominate discussions (or who are reluctant to participate), and ways to assess successful learning, will be addressed.

    Please note this description is subject to change.

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