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  • Continuing Education Credits and Certificates of Attendance

    Certificates of Attendance

    Certificates of attendance for SBER19 and AER19 will be distributed to those who complete the conference evaluations via email at the end of each day. The certificates will be included on the final day's evaluation, sent on November 17 (SBER) and November 20 (AER).

    Certificates of attendance for the preconference programs will be distributed upon completion of the online evaluation for those programs. These will be sent on November 17.

    Continuing Education (CE) Credit

    Certificates of attendance are useful for obtaining CE credits from various professional associations. Each association's guidelines for acceptance of conference credit hours may differ. Please consult the appropriate association representative for information as to if, and how many, CE credits from SBER19 and AER19 may be used. Attendees of SBER19 can earn up to 6 hours of CE credit; attendees of AER19 can earn up to 18.75 hours of CE credit. Credit hours for the preconference programs vary (see the course agendas).

    Certified IRB Professional (CIP®) Recertification Credit

    Credit hours from SBER19 and AER19 may be used by CIPs who are eligible to recertify by CE. Sessions that meet CIP® recertification requirements are designated with a CIP icon on the conference agendas. The Council for Certification of IRB Professionals has determined that SBER19 is worth up to 5 accredited hours towards recertification. The number of credit hours for AER19 is forthcoming.

    Additional information on qualifying CE activities for CIP recertification purposes can be found here.