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  • Registration

    Registration for SBER19/AER19 is now closed. Thanks for attending!

    Fees and Policies

    You can find the AER19 Conference and Preconference programs fee schedule here.

    Please review PRIM&R's payment, cancellation, and substitution policies carefully before registering.

    Registration FAQs

    How do I take advantage of the Conference + Membership rate to add or renew PRIM&R membership?

    You can become a PRIM&R member or renew your membership when you register for the AER19! Our conference + membership rate allows you to bundle a one-year membership with your conference registration for the same price as nonmember registration. To take advantage of this offer, add PRIM&R membership to your cart first when registering and you'll receive the member rate for conference registration.

    What is included in the cost of registration?

    Registration for the AER Conference includes access to the onsite meeting, session materials, conference proceedings, lunch, and a reception. Attendees will eat breakfast on their own (unless they're registered for a special event where breakfast is provided). Full day preconference program registration includes access to the onsite program, session materials, lunch, and a reception. Lunch will also be provided for those who attend two half day preconference programs.

    Can I register more than one person at a time/How do I register a group?

    You can register multiple people at once if they are all from the same institution and all have accounts with PRIM&R. Please use the registration form above to register multiple individuals.

    I'm a government employee, but I'm not seeing the government rate.

    If you're a federal government employee and the government rate is not showing for you when you register online, we simply need to update your record in our database. Please send us an email from your federal email account to inform us. We will then update your account within two business days and inform you once this is complete so you can register at the government rate.

    I'm a first time attendee, where can I find tips for what to expect before and during the conference?

    First-time attendees should visit our Tips for Attendees page for helpful information about the conference. We also encourage First-time attendees to register for the First-Time Attendee Breakfast.

    How do I view/print my personalized conference agenda and conference invoice?
    1. If you would like to view/print your agenda or invoice, log in to our website and select the "My Transactions" link on the left side of your screen.
    2. From there, select the "View" link under the "Registration" column of the 2019 AER Conference row

    Please note, your personalized agenda will only display sessions if you selected sessions when registering.