At Your Doorstep: FAQ

What is the content of the course? Does it cover issues relevant to both biomedical and social-behavioral IRB members?

Institutional Review Board (IRB) 101sm is based on an established, continuously updated curriculum that covers the ethics, history, and federal regulations involved in conducting research on human subjects. Depending on the preferences of the host institution, the program can be customized to emphasize biomedical or social-behavioral research. To learn more about IRB 101sm, view a sample agenda.

IRB 250 is designed for professionals seeking in-depth knowledge about and further insight into some of the many pressing issues related to human subject protections. IRB 250 begins with an introductory section on the "Criteria for the Review of Research," which is then followed by four modules selected to meet the needs of the host institution. To learn more about IRB 250, view a sample agenda and a description of the modules.

What is the format of an At Your Doorstep program?

The format of the day depends on the course selected and the needs of the institution. Typically, IRB 101sm is a one-day program broken into three parts:

  • History of institutional review boards
  • Overview of the ethical principles involved in IRBs
  • Case study and discussion

IRB 250 is also usually a one-day program. It comprises a maximum of four modules of your institution's choosing to ensure sufficient time for in-depth coverage of each topic. Fewer than four modules may be offered if one of them requires more time or your institution requests more extensive focus on a particular topic. Like IRB 101sm, IRB 250 features lectures, discussions, and case studies.

Who would benefit from participating in an IRB 101 or IRB 250 course? Are there eligibility requirements for either course?

Both IRB 101 and IRB 250 are designed for IRB members, HRPP/IRB professionals, administrators, clinical investigators, and research staff. IRB 101 is a great "nuts and bolts" introduction for newcomers to the field, and a great refresher course for more seasoned professionals. IRB 250 provides in-depth knowledge to more experienced members and professionals who already have basic knowledge of institutional review boards and their functions.

What is the cost of an At Your Doorstep program?

The fee to host a full-day program is $6,600; a half-day costs $4,800. In addition, the host institution is responsible for the cost of faculty travel and accommodations. While PRIM&R will execute an agreement with a single organization, institutions are encouraged to host the program in conjunction with other organizations in the local area. Please contact us for additional information.

How long is an At Your Doorstep program? Are there set times for them?

Traditionally, At Your Doorstep programs are full-day programs. While there is no set schedule for an At Your Doorstep program, the average program runs from 8:30-4:30 with an hour for lunch and two 15-minute breaks. The start and end times as well as the length can be customized to meet your institution's needs.

How do I schedule a program at my institution?

The first step is to complete the At Your Doorstep Request Survey or contact program coordinator Ashley Savannah via email. After receiving your submission, we will be in touch to discuss your answers and how we can customize a program to meet your needs.

My institution's needs do not match either program. Can you customize an offering?

Yes! If your needs aren't met by either IRB 101 or IRB 250, please contact us. We will gladly work with you to create programming tailored to your institution's professional development goals.

How are faculty selected for each program?

Experts are selected to teach a particular offering based on their background, experience, proximity to the hosting institution, and availability. Please see the Faculty page for additional information.