How much does it cost to take the certification exam?

The application fee for the certification exam is $350 for PRIM&R members and $475 for non-members.

How can I sign up for the certification exam?

You can apply to take the exam through PSI.

How long is the certification valid and how can it be renewed?

Certification is valid for three years. You can always renew your certification by re-taking and passing the examination. You can renew your CIP twice through continuing education in a nine year period. Renewal through continuing education may be accomplished by submitting evidence of having completed 30 hours of continuing education within the IRB field, fifteen of which must be recognized by an accrediting body. Learn more about recertification.

Can I be "grandfathered" in?

"Grandfathering" is not an option for certification. The field of human subjects protection continues to change rapidly, and the certification process tests knowledge about human subjects research review based on the most recent regulations and interpretation of those regulations. Therefore, individuals must demonstrate their proficiency based on current standards to receive certification.

How can I obtain more information about CIP?

Download the CIP handbook. Also, you may reference the following materials to prepare for the 2016 examination:

How can I become involved with the Council for Certified IRB Professionals (CCIP)?

Please contact us for further information.

Does attending a PRIM&R meeting or webinar help with CIP recertification?

Yes, attendance at PRIM&R meetings qualifies as continuing education for the purpose of CIP recertification.Certificates of attendance for PRIM&R meetings are distributed during the conference. At least 15 of the 30 hours required for CIP recertification must constitute credits issued by a recognized accrediting body or have received advance recognition from the Council. PRIM&R conferences and webinars have received such advance recognition, and are noted with blue CIP icons on PRIM&R's webpages.

I attended a PRIM&R meeting, but I do not have a certificate of attendance. How do I get one?

Certificates of attendance for a previously attended meeting may be obtained by contacting PRIM&R. Please include your full name and the name and year of the program for which you need the certificate.

Where do I send my recertification application?

Download the CIP®recertification by continuing education application and send it to PRIM&R. Go here to recertify by examination through PSI.

What should I do if I have additional questions about the certification examination or recertification?

Direct all questions regarding certification and recertification to