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  • Essentials of IACUC Administration—Intensive

    March 30, 2016 - 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM

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    Essentials of IACUC Administration—Intensive is a full-day course that provides attendees with knowledge and tools to effectively manage an animal care and use program. After attending this course, you will be able to:

    • List key components of an IACUC program, 
    • Understand the primary responsibilities of IACUC administrators, 
    • Discuss strategies for creating and maintaining a culture of compliance, and
    • Implement best practices to ensure that IACUC administrators and their staff provide the support necessary to develop and continually strengthen both the IACUC and the broader animal care and use program. 

    This program is ideal for experienced IACUC administrators and support staff, as well as training and compliance personnel. It is strongly suggested attendees attend a pre-requisite "basics" course (IACUC 101™ or IACUC 201), or be working with an IACUC for at least a year prior to taking the course.

    Continuing Education Credits

    Essentials of IACUC Administration has been approved by the Certified Professional IACUC Administrator (CPIA®) Council for 8 recertification credit hours.

    Attendee Feedback

    When asked to share their thoughts on Essentials of IACUC Administration, last year’s attendees say… 

    • "As long as I am working in the field, I would consider this an important educational tool that should be completed every two years, at the least."
    • "The way the faculty shared stories and built upon each other experience was awesome! This material is very content heavy, but as a team they kept it light and enjoyable. I have so many notes to take back to my program, and I know there will be some improvements as a result."
    • "I loved the breakout groups!  It was extremely helpful to be able to discuss with a small group of colleagues about unique issues/challenges, etc. within your program."
    • "All three of the faculty are extremely knowledgeable, and actually know how to present. It's not just about reading off of slides and repeating things verbatim. They make sure to highlight the important things, and they also tell ‘real-life’ relevant stories, which are excellent."


    Marcy BrownMarcy A. Brown, BS, MA, LSSBB, CMAR, CPIA,is the animal welfare regulatory compliance lead for Pfizer Worldwide Research & Development-Comparative Medicine, La Jolla, California. Founded in 1849, Pfizer is the world’s premier biopharmaceutical company, dedicated to discovering and developing new, and better, ways to prevent and treat disease and improve the health and quality of life for people around the world. Marcy is responsible for ensuring “flawless animal care and welfare” at the La Jolla site, as well as alignment with Pfizer global Comparative Medicine and Research and Development endeavors. Marcy serves on the Council for Certified Professional IACUC Administrators (CCPIA), on the board of directors of the California Biomedical Research Association (CBRA), on the board of directors of the National Association for Biomedical Research (NABR), and as an AAALAC International ad hoc specialist. She has a biology background and holds a Master of Arts degree from the University of California, Berkeley. Previously, Marcy worked for several years as the director of the IACUC at a large academic institution, giving her a broad perspective on animal welfare, research, and compliance issues in both academic and industry settings.

    Deb FrolicherDeborah “Deb” A. Frolicher, BS, CPIA, graduated from The Ohio State University and began working in biomedical research in 1979 as a laboratory technician. As a biomedical researcher, she worked with various animal models and a variety of species, including snakes, lizards, rodents, ducks, dogs, pigs, goats, cattle, and a colony of diabetic monkeys. She began her IACUC administrative career in the mid 90s. Deb’s experience in the laboratory enables her to effectively interface with investigators and research staff to integrate IACUC review and oversight into their research programs. Currently, she is the director of the IACUC office at The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, CA. She is a long-time member of PRIM&R and has presented many times at the annual PRIM&R/IACUC meetings. She received her credential as a Certified Professional IACUC Administrator (CPIA®) in 2008 and is currently chair of the CPIA Council.

    MJ ShepherdMary Jo Shepherd, DVM, CPIAis executive director of the office of the IACUC at Columbia University. In this position, she administers an IACUC for a large animal care and use program. She has served on IACUCs since 1988, and was a member of five IACUCs for a number of years while serving as attending veterinarian for a privately owned medical device testing laboratory. She has spent over eight years working in the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Shepherd has been active in the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) at the local and national levels, and currently serves on AALAS’ editorial review board. In addition, she was actively involved in the planning of the New Jersey Association for Biomedical Research’s annual IACUC conference for over 11 years, and has served on the Americans for Medical Progress Board of Directors for 5 years. Dr. Shepherd is currently active in PRIM&R, and previously served as the chair of the CPIA Council. In 2012, she received PRIM&R’s Distinguished Service Award. Dr. Shepherd is a member of the 2016 IACUC Conference Planning Committee.