IACUC18: Posters Selected for Presentation

PRIM&R is pleased to present the IACUC18 Poster Program, highlighting the innovative work being done in the field by those in our community. Seven posters* were selected for display throughout the conference and you can view these posters in the Regency Ballroom or via the conference website.

PRIM&R thanks the conference planning committee for their work in reviewing this year's submissions.

*Please note, the inclusion of posters featuring commercial products should not be considered an endorsement by PRIM&R.

  1. Developing IACUC Expectations for the Evaluation of Challenging Experimental Housing Conditions Via a Working Group
    Meredith Brown, MA, RLATg, CPIA; Stacy Pritt, DVM, MS, MBA, CPIA; Robert Hammer, PhD
    The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

  2. Independent Work and Critical Thinking: Effective Approaches of Training Husbandry Technicians for Proficiency and Consistency
    Larissa Dobbeleare, BS, RLATg; Michael D. Taylor, PhD, CPIA; Scott Bury, PhD, CPIA
    University of Kansas Medical Center

  3. Welcome to the Electronic Age: Successes and Challenges of Implementing an eIACUC System
    Jennifer F. Iwamoto, DVM; Emily W. Clark, PhD
    University of Washington

  4. A Day at the PUB: The University of Washington’s Solution to IACUC Policy Bloat
    Jennifer F. Iwamoto, DVM; Kelly S. Heffernan, BA; Emily W. Clark, PhD; Kayla A. Clay, BS; Tony Nguyen, BA; Matthew J. McPherson, AS
    University of Washington

  5. Withdrawn

  6. Preparation of the Veterinary Clinical Trial IACUC Protocol
    Angela J. Phillips, RVT, LAT, CPIA
    The Ohio State University

  7. Proactive Versus Reactive Post-Approval Monitoring: Effective Strategies Towards Fostering a Culture of Compliance
    Michael D. Taylor, PhD, CPIA; Larissa Dobbeleare, BS, RLATg; Karin Wilson, BS, MPH, RLATg; Scott Bury, PhD, CPIA
    University of Kansas Medical Center

  8. Developing Elements of an Effective Safety Compliance Program by Collaboration of the IACUC and the Office for Research Safety
    Marina Zelivyanskaya, DVM, MSRC; Jena Komosamerle, BS, CVT; Mandy Kozlowski, MSL, CPIA; Andrea Hall, PhD; Michael Blayney, PhD
    Northwestern University


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