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    Online registration coming soon!

    Cost Justification Letter

    Make the case to your supervisor or institution that attendance will be worth the cost of registration with our Cost Justification Letter.

    Fees and Policies

    Information on fees for the 2019 IACUC Conference and preconference programs, as well as the 2019 NWABR Regional IACUC/IBC Conference can be found here.

    Please review PRIM&R's payment, cancellation, and substitution policies carefully before registering.

    Registration FAQ

    It appears PRIM&R and NWABR are co-hosting their events in 2019. How do I register for one or more offering?

    In 2019, PRIM&R and NWABR will jointly host their IACUC and IACUC/IBC Conferences. PRIM&R's 2019 IACUC Conference will take place on April 2-3 (preconference programs on April 1), and the 2019 NWABR Regional IACUC/IBC Conference will take place on April 4. All events will take place at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue in Bellevue, WA.

    Attendees can register for one or more offering depending on their professional development needs. The NWABR Conference is open to all attendees regardless of their institutional location.

    PRIM&R will host registration for both events. A discount will be offered to those who register for both conferences. Find information on fees.

    How do I take advantage of the Conference + Membership rate to add or renew PRIM&R membership?

    You can become a PRIM&R member or renew your membership when you register for the IACUC18! Our conference + membership rate allows you to bundle a one-year membership with your conference registration for the same price as nonmember registration. To take advantage of this offer, add PRIM&R membership to your cart first when registering and you'll receive the member rate for conference registration.

    If you already registered for the conference at the nonmember rate, but did not take advantage of this offer, contact the membership team. All conference registration upgrades to include membership must be received by Friday, April 18, 2019.

    Note: Attendees can only sign up for PRIM&R membership during registration. Those interested in obtaining a NWABR institutional membership can find information here.

    What is included in the cost of registration?

    Registration for the IACUC Conference includes access to the onsite meeting, session materials, recordings of select sessions, breakfast, breaks, and a reception. Attendees will eat lunch on their own. Find out more about area dining options. Full day preconference program registration* includes access to the onsite program, session materials, breakfast, breaks, and a reception.

    Registration for the NWABR Conference includes access to the onsite meeting, session materials, breakfast, lunch, and breaks.

    How do I receive NWABR Member pricing on events?

    Member pricing will be available for all programs for both NWABR and PRIM&R members. A discount will also be provided for those attendees who register for both conferences. Find information on fees.

    If you are a NWABR member only, follow the instructions below for registering for the 2019 NWABR Conference or any combination of programs being offered April 1-4 (these instructions do not apply if you're already a PRIM&R member; you can register online):

    • Create an account on the PRIM&R website if you don't already have one.
    • Email to say you your institution is a NWABR member (consult the list on this page to see if your institution is currently a NWABR member).
    • A PRIM&R staff member will respond to your email and tell you when to proceed with registration online so you receive the NWABR member rate.
    Can I register more than one person at a time/How do I register a group?

    PRIM&R IACUC Conference or preconference programs: You can register multiple people for the at once if they are all from the same institution and all have accounts with PRIM&R. You can register them by check by submitting all their registration forms with your payment (as you would an individual), or you can register them online by following the below instructions. If you intend to register multiple people online, it may be helpful to have each person complete the paper registration form and return it to you so you can refer to it when prompted for their session selections, dietary restrictions, emergency contact information, etc.

    1. Click "Register a Group" above and login to (or create) your PRIM&R account.
    2. You'll be directed to the group registration page. On this page, click the button that says "Add a Registrant."
    3. A pop-up window will open. In the line that says "Registrant," select the person you want to add from the pulldown.
      If the person you wish to register is not showing up in the pulldown (or no one is showing up in the pulldown) this means the other individual(s) either (a) don't have an account, or (b) are not connected to the same institution as you. You can contact us at 617.423.4112 or email us and we can check our database for their account and adjust or add it as needed.
    4. Next, select the "Registrant Type" from that pulldown and check off the one event fee and session(s) that person will be attending. Click "Continue."
    5. In the next window, you'll be prompted for the attendee's dietary restrictions, emergency contact information, etc. After noting this information, click "Save & Add Another" if you have more attendees to add, or "Save & Continue" if you're done adding attendees.
    6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 for each attendee you'd like to add. If you are also registering yourself, don't forget to add yourself as one of the attendees.
    7. Once you're done adding attendees and have clicked "Save & Continue," you'll be directed back to the main Group Registration page where you should see a list of all the registrants you've added. To finish the registration and submit payment, click "Save & Add to Cart" and then fill in information as instructed.

    NWABR Regional IACUC/IBC Conference: NWABR is offering groups of 10+ from the same institution a discounted rate on their conference registration: $295 per person. If you're interested in registering 10+ people from the same institution for the NWABR Conference (with or without PRIM&R's IACUC Conference or preconference programs), contact

    I'm a government employee, but I'm not seeing the government rate.

    If you're a federal government employee and the government rate is not showing for you when you register online, we simply need to update your record in our database. Please send us an email from your federal email account to inform us. We will then update your account within two business days and inform you once this is complete so you can register at the government rate.

    If I register for both the PRIM&R IACUC and NWABR Regional IACUC/IBC Conferences, do I need to make one or two hotel reservations?

    The PRIM&R IACUC and NWABR Regional IACUC/IBC Conferences will both take place at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue in Bellevue, WA. Attendees registered for both events will make one hotel reservation for their entire stay. View information on hotel reservations and rates.

    I'm a first time attendee, where can I find tips for what to expect before and during the 2019 IACUC Conference?

    First-time attendees should visit our Tips for Attendees page for helpful information about the conference. We also encourage First-time attendees to register for the First-Time Attendee Breakfast.

    How do I view my personalized conference agenda and/or add sessions if I forgot to select them when I registered?
    1. If you would like to view your agenda and/or add session selections, log in to our website and select the "My Transactions" link on the left side of your screen.
    2. From there, select the "View" link under the "Registration" column of the 2019 IACUC Conference row, and select the "Add Tracks/Sessions" link.

    Under "My Transactions," users can also print their personalized agenda and print an invoice, all by selecting the "View" option in the "Registration" column of any event(s) they're registered for.