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    The submission period is now closed.


    Those who conduct empirical research in the field of animal care and use, or have implemented a program to improve the functioning of their institution's IACUC, are encouraged to submit an abstract to the 2020 IACUC Conference Poster Program. Entries in this category will be considered for poster presentations. In addition, some authors may be invited to present a breakout session on their work. The Conference Planning Committee will review poster abstracts for completed projects, as well as for projects that are in progress, with the understanding that the project will be finished by April 2020. Please note that first authorship on an accepted poster is eligible for up to five credit hours for CPIA recertification. Learn more.

    Guidelines and Policies for Submission

    To submit a poster, please create an abstract based on your work and submit it via our electronic submission form. If you would like more information on the submission form, please see this PDF version (Note: this document is for reference only). All abstracts must be submitted via the online submission form and prepared accordingly:

    • Wherever possible, outcome data on programs/initiatives must be included. Abstracts that intend to draw from studies that will be completed by April 2020 must include a summary of anticipated results and the final poster must include the actual results.
    • The abstract must include the names, degrees, and institutions for all authors on the abstract.
    • The abstract must be submitted by the deadline date.

    Please note the following policies that pertain to authors whose submissions are accepted:

    • If an abstract is accepted, one author or co-author must register for and attend the 2020 IACUC Conference to present the poster.
    • PRIM&R is unable to waive conference registration fees or pay travel expenses for poster presenters. In addition, the presenter must organize and pay for all shipping arrangements for his or her poster materials. Information about fee waivers/scholarship opportunities will be available on our website in January 2020 for those who require financial assistance.
    • Accepted abstracts will be featured on PRIM&R's website, and may be used for other promotional purposes. Abstract authors acknowledge that PRIM&R bears no further obligation to obtain permission for the purposes indicated, and grant this release voluntarily and with no compensation or inducement.
    • PRIM&R reserves the right to adapt the titles or body text of poster abstracts to ensure adherence to the organization's internal style manual for the purposes of featuring the content in marketing materials produced by the organization.

    The Pillars of PRIM&R Outstanding Poster Award

    The Pillars of PRIM&R Outstanding Poster Award recognizes outstanding projects designed to improve human research protections programs (HRPPs) or animal care and use (ACU) oversight programs through better education, tools, procedures, practices, or which contribute to empirical research or scholarship in the research ethics field. Each year, one abstract will be selected from the IACUC Poster Abstract Program to be designated as the "Pillars of PRIM&R Outstanding Poster Award Recipient."

    • The award includes complimentary conference registration and hotel for the lead poster author to display their poster at the IACUC Conference; up to $750 to cover travel costs; a one-year complimentary PRIM&R membership; and one complimentary group webinar registration.
    • Any poster abstract submitted to the IACUC Conference Poster Abstract Program will automatically be considered for the Pillars of PRIM&R Outstanding Poster Award. The winning abstract will be selected by the Conference Planning Committee.

    Learn more about the Pillars of PRIM&R.

    Important Dates

    Call for Poster Abstracts opensApril 1, 2019
    Call for Poster Abstracts closesOctober 4, 2019
    Submitting authors informed of
    abstract status
    November 29, 2019
    2020 IACUC ConferenceApril 6-7, 2019 in Orlando, FL
    (pre-conference programs on April 5)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the purpose of the IACUC Conference Poster Program?

    To promote interdisciplinary sharing and collaboration, and to facilitate the exchange of ideas, information, and practical strategies for managing the many challenges faced when conducting research with animal models, with the review of protocols that use animal models, with animal care and use programs, and committees in general.

    Do I need to be a PRIM&R member to submit a poster abstract?

    No. However, if you are interested in becoming a member, please review the range of benefits that come with membership and contact Kayla Parker, PRIM&R’s membership and database coordinator, to get started.

    What is a poster?

    A poster is a visual presentation that combines text and graphics that illustrates the processes and results of a project or explores and analyzes a concept related to research involving animal models. A poster should clearly articulate the question or problem you are addressing, a description of how you addressed the question or problem, and an explanation of how the work contributes to the field of advancing ethical research. Whenever possible, posters should incorporate illustrative elements such as tables, graphs, or photographs.

    How do I submit a poster abstract?

    Review the guidelines for abstracts listed above and submit the required information on the electronic submission form. All submissions must be received by October 5, 2018.

    May I enter more than one poster abstract?

    Yes. Poster authors have the opportunity to submit more than one abstract.

    May I submit an abstract based on previously published materials?

    Yes, it is permissible to submit an abstract drawn from previously published materials, but abstracts will not be considered for posters already presented at an IACUC Conference.

    Who reviews and selects the abstracts?

    The Conference Planning Committee, composed of volunteers from among the PRIM&R membership, will review all abstracts and select those that will be presented at the conference.

    Are there opportunities to present the poster in an oral presentation?

    The Conference Planning Committee will select authors with outstanding submissions to present their work orally during a breakout session.

    Where can I view abstracts of posters presented at previous conferences?

    PRIM&R members can view abstracts submitted to prior conferences on PRIM&R's Knowledge Center.

    Are there any guidelines to help me prepare my poster?

    The poster display board will be roughly four feet tall by eight feet wide with a one inch metal border. The background color will be gray, or a similarly neutral color cloth. It is important to keep the poster simple, clear, concise, and organized. The text should be legible from a few feet away. Please include the title, authors, and affiliations at the top of the poster. Final poster presentation guidelines will be distributed to accepted authors.

    When will I know if my abstract has been accepted?

    Notifications will be emailed to the designated contact person for the abstract by November 29, 2019.

    Are all abstract authors required to register for the conference?

    Only one author (or designated representative) is required to register for the conference in order to display the poster. Information on registration can be found here. Information about fee waivers/scholarship opportunities will be available on our website in January 2020 for those who require financial assistance.

    What are the most frequent reasons for abstracts not being accepted?

    The most frequent reasons for abstracts not being accepted include: the abstract not meeting the definition of an abstract, i.e., empirical research or implementation of a program to improve functioning, a project not being complete, data not submitted, the project or program is not novel, and/or the submission form was incomplete.

    The information provided is intended to serve as a guide to our Call for Poster Abstracts. If you have any additional questions about the submission process, please contact Clare Ladd, project assistant, via email or phone (617.303.1881).