Facility Inspections

These modules are useful for educators seeking to teach IACUC members and staff to identify the responsibilities of IACUC members in preparing for and participating in facility inspections.

Module A: Facility Inspection Module IACUC Training

Target Audience: IACUC members

Goal: The goal of this IACUC training module is to provide an understanding of the facility inspection process to safeguard animal welfare.


  • Define responsibility of IACUC members
  • Perform an inspection
  • Identify and classify deficiencies
  • Create a report documenting the finding/results and a corrective action plan

Active Learning Methods: Case-Based Learning, Concept Mapping, Think-Pair-Share


Janna Barcelo, BA, CPIA
IACUC Analyst
University of Maryland School of Medicine

Deborah Holland, JD, MPH, CIP
Assistant Vice Provost for Research, Director of Compliance
Baylor University

Sally E. Light, BA, CPIA
IACUC Administrator
Michigan State University

Gregory R. Reinhard, DVM, CPIA, DACLAM
Director, Office of Animal Welfare
University of Pennsylvania

Obed B. Rutebuka, PhD, MSPH, CPIA
IACUC Administrator
Loma Linda University

Module B: Facility Inspections

Target Audience: IACUC members

Goal: IACUC members completing this module will develop an understanding of facility inspections as part of a high quality program of animal care and use.


  • Provide examples of animal welfare and health concerns that may be discovered and describe how you would address these concerns
  • Describe regulatory requirements for facility inspection, to include:
    • Participants
    • Frequency of inspections, sites included
    • Reporting requirements
  • Differentiate significant versus minor deficiencies
  • Indicate different component areas of facilities and concerns related to these areas
  • Identify occupational health and safety concerns

Active Learning Methods: Consensogram, Peer Instruction, Technology Enhanced Learning, Think-Pair-Share

Other Materials:


George F. Babcock, PhD
Professor, Department of Surgery
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

Natalie L. Mays, BA, LATG, CPIA
Director of the IACUC and IBC
NYU Langone Medical Center

Chieko Azuma, DVM, PhD, DACVR, CPIA
Specialist, IACUC/IBC
University of Massachusetts Medical School

Linda N. Brovarney, BS, RVT, RLATG, CMAR, CPIA
Linda Brovarney Consulting

Cynthia Pekow, DVM, CPIA
Chief, Veterinary Medical Unit
VA Puget Sound Health Care System

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