Value of Membership

The values are based on a base salary of $57,000 (the average of the 2015 WLSS results for IRB and IACUC staff people) which equates to an hourly "rate" of $27.40.

Item Value How it's calculated
Discounted educational event registrations $450 This amount equals the difference between nonmember and member prices of each educational event PRIM&R offers if they were all purchased at the member rate.
Using Workload and Salary Survey results at your next review $1,140 Using the WLSS can provide an argument for or defense of a raise or a higher starting salary than one negotiated without this information. The figure of $1,140 was calculated as the difference between a 3% and 5% raise on a base salary of $57,000 ($1,710 versus $2,850); this figure is the difference between the two.
Discounted Career Center job postings $100 Discount available to members per posting.
280+ recorded talks, presentations, and webinars $8,575 Cost of purchasing all available conference proceedings and webinar recordings from the last five years at the non-member rate on both human subject and animal care and use topics.
Discounted certification exam fees $100 Discount available to members on CIP® or CPIA® certification.
12 issues of the PRIM&R Member Newsletter $329 Based on an estimated one hour of time saved per month by using the compiled information in the newsletter, in lieu of having to track that information down through other sources.
6 issues of Research Ethics Digest $986 If a member had to research, read and compile these resources, it’s estimated that it would take 36 hours. ($27.40 * 36 = $986.40)
Research Ethics Digest Self-Study Program $450 Savings based on the cost of 9 Continuing Education credit hours of other types.
Time saved using sample checklists, forms, and templates $548 Based on using 3 existing tools in a calendar year (versus creating new from scratch), estimated savings (for a large office with other sources of information at hand) of 20 hours at $27.40 per hour for a total of $548. For a smaller or single-person office, the savings could be considerably higher, up to 80 hours or more, resulting in an estimated savings of $2,192 or more.
Commitment to advancing ethical research Priceless  
Total $12,678+