Volunteer Opportunities: Knowledge Sharing

Conference Session Proposal Author

Contribute session ideas for consideration by the conference planning committees for inclusion on the annual conference agendas. For more information on submitting a session proposal, visit the conference web page for the event at which you’re interested in presenting a session. Applications are available six to nine months before each conference, and submissions must be received by the deadline listed in order to be considered.

Estimated time commitment: Two to three hours per contribution, plus the actual presentation time at the conference if your proposal is selected by the planning committee

Knowledge Center Content Contributor

Share the resources you use every day to help other research ethics professionals do their jobs more effectively! Submissions are accepted in the following categories:

  • Post tools, templates, and standard operating procedures (SOPs) from your institution to the Workplace Tools section in the PRIM&R Knowledge Center.
  • Expand our glossary by drafting substantive definitions for terms related to research with human subjects or animal care and use (definitions should be 3-6 sentences each).

To submit content for consideration, send us an email.

Estimated time commitment:Half an hour per submission

Poster Abstract Author

Answer our call for poster abstracts for one of our annual conferences. Posters may be based on new program initiatives or empirical research and must fit into one of these categories:

  • Programmatic Abstracts describe novel approaches to the management, function, and operations of HRPPs, IRBs, or IACUCs, or provide analysis of topics related to such programmatic endeavors.
  • Scientific Abstracts describe empirical studies or conceptual analysis of challenging issues related to the conduct or oversight of research involving human subjects.

The development and presentation of scientific or programmatic posters promotes interdisciplinary sharing and collaboration, and facilitates the exchange of ideas, information, and practical strategies for managing the many challenges faced by research professionals. For more information on submitting a poster abstract, please visit the conference web page for the event at which you’re interested in presenting a poster.

Estimated time commitment: Three to four hours to prepare the initial abstract, plus the actual presentation time at the conference if your abstract is selected by the planning committee

Poster Spotlight Author

If you presented a poster abstract at a past conference, share how your work has progressed using the Poster Spotlight feature on our blog, Ampersand. To participate, contact the PRIM&R staff to express interest in contributing a Poster Spotlight feature on Ampersand. PRIM&R staff will provide you with prompts regarding how your research has evolved.

Estimated time commitment: One to two hours per blog post

Webinar Speaker via Call for Webinar Proposals

PRIM&R offers approximately 12 webinars per year on a range of topics in the research ethics field. Each year, we solicit proposals for webinars on intermediate- and advanced-level topics of interest to those who work in human subjects protections and animal care and use. We invite you to help us develop these webinars by submitting to the Call for Webinar Proposals. Whether you are a veteran presenter for PRIM&R, a past webinar attendee, or new to PRIM&R or the field, we want to hear from you!

Selected speakers will be asked to participated in up to three planning calls (which may include initial brainstorming session with PRIM&R, content planning with PRIM&R staff and another presenter, and a run-through of the webinar) as well as contribute content to a blog post following the webinar. Learn more and access the submission for online.

Estimated time commitment: Submit a proposal (1-2 hours), and if selected, the time it would take for you to prepare your presentation (variable), participate in three planning calls (3-4 hours), and present the webinar (2 hours)

Interested in these or other volunteer opportunities? Contact the membership team to get started.