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  • First-time Attendees

    Getting the Most Out of Your Conference Experience

    Will 2017 be your first time at PRIM&R's Social, Behavioral, and Educational Research (SBER) Conference? There's a lot happening onsite, and knowing what to expect in advance can help you make the most of it. If you're also attending PRIM&R's 2017 Advancing Ethical Research Conference (AER17), visit the First Time Attendee page for that event.

    Getting Ready to Attend

    • Assess your learning options by using the online interactive agenda, which can be sorted by date, target audience, relevance to the revised Common Rule, and/or key terms (using the search bar). Additionally, all sessions related to the revised Common Rule are marked with a brown CR icon.

      During online registration, attendees will need to select the sessions they want to attend onsite. For each breakout series, attendees will pick one session. The breakout sessions are smaller, focused on specific topics, strategies, approaches, and best practices, and offer more time for in-depth discussion, interaction with peers, and questions. Note the following:

      • There are two types of breakout sessions: workshops (interactive) and didactic sessions (lecture-based).
      • Basic sessions focus on introducing, explaining, and illustrating basic concepts and principles, regulations and policies, or best practices relevant to a topic for those who have little or no prior knowledge of it or those looking for a refresher.
      • Advanced sessions assume mastery of basic concepts and provide attendees with in-depth knowledge of an area and robust set of skills required for addressing difficult problems in that area. Attendees are expected to have sufficient experience and understanding to actively contribute to the discussion.
      • Sessions that do not have a learning level listed are intended for all audiences.
      • Breakout sessions are grouped by series (A through C), each with eight sessions. Pick one session per series.
    • Print the schedule of sessions you selected during registration to help guide you onsite. You are welcome to attend any sessions onsite.
    • Review the Conference Attendee Newsletters we'll send to you in the weeks leading up to the conference. These emails will direct you to information about late-breaking additions or changes to the agenda and other important logistical information.
    • Print any handouts available via the conference website. These will be designated with a page icon on the session description.

    Network, network, network

    • Once onsite, select from the networking ribbons displayed in the registration area. These ribbons offer an array of professional roles/affiliations and are a great way to find other attendees with similar interests.
    • Past attendees tell us how much the conference content is enhanced by follow-up or expanded conversations with other attendees. Be sure to engage with fellow attendees during the sessions, and the attendee list can help you stay connected once you return to your institution.
    • Join us for a Networking Reception at the end of the day on November 5 to meet with attendees and speakers.
    • There are several break and meal-time opportunities to meet fellow attendees. See the conference agenda for times and locations.


    While onsite in San Antonio, take advantage of the opportunity to explore additional topics related to SBER and research ethics more broadly by attending AER17 on November 6-8 in the same location. Information on registration and fees can be found here.

    Using attendance to advance your career

    Attending SBER17 will help you make progress on your continuing education goals, as you will earn continuing education credit for attendance. The SBER Conference is an elective requirement choice of PRIM&R's Certificate in the Foundations of Human Subjects Protection, so if you're not eligible for the Certified IRB Professional credential, consider signing up for the certificate program.