Cross-cutting Themes

Cross-cutting themes are important considerations that may impact operations and outcomes of an organization and, therefore, influence goal-setting across priority areas, as appropriate. Based on PRIM&R’s expressed vision and priorities, the following cross-cutting themes are highlighted as key considerations when establishing specific goals, activities, and measurable objectives.

  • Diversity: Diversity feeds innovation. PRIM&R has engaged in an active Diversity Initiative to address multiple levels of diversity gaps. We will broaden efforts to achieve diversity in people, pedagogy, culture, and ideas across all internal and external organizational programs and activities.
  • Leadership Development: There is a constant need to consider the leadership development pipeline. Across all priorities, we will seek mindful opportunities to expand leadership skills and leadership roles.
  • Organizational Visibility: In order to have broad influence among the public, investigators, and legislators at the national and local level, we will focus on increasing our visibility across all of our priorities, goals, and objectives.
  • Global Relevance: Through international conference scholarships, global memberships, programming, and our track record of establishing in-country collaborations, PRIM&R has been a resource to research enterprises worldwide. Continued consideration for how we can serve as a model educator and convener, make available our human and intellectual resources, and increase our visibility globally, will weave across all priorities.
  • Strategic Partnerships: PRIM&R’s vision is ambitious and will not be achieved alone, but rather in collaboration with strong and willing partners. Where appropriate across priorities, PRIM&R will seek to establish formal partnerships with organizations that share our goals and complement our strengths, thereby increasing our reach and impact.

Cross-cutting themes may not always apply, but they will be consistently considered.

We welcome your questions or comments on our plan, and invite you to share how PRIM&R programming has enabled you to make an impact in your professional life and at your institution.