Vision 2026

PRIM&R’s Mission

PRIM&R advances the highest ethical standards in the conduct of biomedical, social science, and behavioral research. We accomplish this mission through education, membership services, professional certification, public policy initiatives, and community building.

PRIM&R’s Vision 2026

PRIM&R envisions a world in which all stakeholders in the research enterprise share an understanding of and commitment to the centrality of ethics to advancing science and medicine, as exemplified through research policies and practices that align with the highest ethical standards in research.

This ten-year vision is ambitious and will be accomplished in collaboration with strong and willing partners. Tangible outcomes of achieving this vision include:

  • Ethics, human rights, and animal welfare are at the forefront of the collective conversation about excellence in scientific research;
  • Governmental policies and regulations are aligned and simplified
  • Critical thinking about research ethics is preeminent over concerns about regulatory compliance
  • A better informed public has led to a larger and more diverse group of people engaged in the research enterprise as participants and partners;
  • Scientific advances occur with few incidents of ethical breaches; and
  • Institutional cultures have evolved such that ethics oversight committees are embraced as helpful collaborators in the research endeavor.

The Path to 2026

PRIM&R plans to expand the range of activities we undertake and the constituencies we serve, and increase our visibility to a range of audiences, including regulators, the lay public, and principal investigators.

We will continue to create and execute high-quality education focusing on both research oversight administration and broader ethical themes, using the most advanced and effective innovations in knowledge transfer. In addition, PRIM&R will explore conducting its own research and demonstration projects where we see knowledge gaps, and will disseminate the results widely.

PRIM&R will use its global reputation to convene a variety of stakeholders and whose interests align with PRIM&R’s around promoting excellence in research. Together, we will influence policy, legislation, and best practices around research. Finally, as a result of our thought-leadership and strategic use of traditional and social media, PRIM&R will foster the public’s understanding of and trust in the research enterprise.

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We welcome your questions or comments on our plan, and invite you to share how PRIM&R programming has enabled you to make an impact in your professional life and at your institution.