2006 Webinar: Recruiting, Educating, and Retaining Non-affiliated IRB Members

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The purpose of this webinar was to educate human subjects protection professionals about the critical role of the non-affiliated members (AKA the “community member”) on the institutional review board (IRB). All too often, non-affiliated members do not feel sufficiently valued or encouraged to serve as fully empowered members of the IRB. Essential to the IRB’s deliberations, non-affiliated members provide a vital connection to those on whom the research enterprise depends.

How do we recruit, educate, and retain non-affiliated members? How do we ensure the non-affiliated member’s voice is heard? This webinar addressed these questions, as well as the relevant federal regulations regarding the definition of non-affiliated members, the role of non-affiliated members, and what non-affiliated members want and need from the IRB.


The anticipated audience for this webinar included all those engaged in the work of the IRB and human research protection programs more broadly. IRB chairs, administrators, staff, and members, as well as patient/subjects, institutional officials/signatory officials, and industry representatives found this webinar beneficial.


  • Moira Keane, MA, CIP
  • Gigi McMillan
  • Bernard Schwetz, DVM, PhD
  • Mary Lou Smith, JD