2009 Webinar: New Solutions to Ongoing Problems When Reviewing SBER

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New Solutions to Ongoing Problems When Reviewing Social, Behavioral, and Educational Research addressed some of the issues facing those involved in social, behavioral, and educational research (SBER).

In this engaging offering from our respected faculty, participants learned more about...

  • How to determine what is exempt and what is expedited in SBER - What kind of SBER research needs IRB review? What are the key criteria for exempt determinations? And how best should common expedited review criteria be exercised?
  • Ethical research, oral history, and ethnography: when the rules don’t apply
  • Ethical issues in survey research - What is "identifiable" survey information? What kind of information may be harmful if disclosed? What are some best practices in internet and international research? How many telephone "call-backs" should an IRB approve?


Mary Marshall Clark
Mary Marshall Clark is director of the Columbia University Oral History Research Office, the first university-based oral history program and archive in the world, founded in 1948. She is past president of the United States Oral History Association and has served on the executive council of the International Oral History Association. Currently, she directs one of the largest oral history projects documenting the events and aftermath of September 11, 2001. She has also conducted a wide range of biographical interviews for Columbia University on a wide variety of subjects—including women’s history, media and journalism history, political history, philanthropy, and the history of psychoanalysis—speaking with U.S. congresswoman Bella Abzug and Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, among others.

J. Michael Oakes, PhD
J. Michael Oakes is a McKnight Presidential Fellow (awarded to UMN’s most promising associate professors) and Associate Professor in the Division of Epidemiology, University of Minnesota. He is also a fellow of the MN Population Research Center and an Adjunct Professor of Sociology. His professional interests center on quantitative methodology, social epidemiology, and research ethics. He is an active researcher and frequent principal investigator on a wide variety of studies addressing a vast array of methodological, health, and ethical topics. Dr. Oakes has authored over 50 papers exploring problems at the intersection of social and medical sciences; his first text entitled Methods in Social Epidemiology was released in 2006. He teaches several graduate-level courses in statistical methods and social epidemiology. Additionally, Dr. Oakes has published several influential articles and chapters on various aspects of IRBs and is a frequent speaker at IRB and research ethics conferences. He co-founded and currently chairs the novel and highly regarded student research IRB panel at UMN. He was the 2008 Co-Chair for the SBER sub-committee at the 2008 Advancing Ethical Research Conference.

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