2010 Webinar: Speaking Confidence

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Speaking Confidence: A PRIM&R Toolbox provided valuable tips and tools for expressing yourself clearly, succinctly and memorably—whether you’re speaking to a crowd or across a desk.

This webinar helped attendees to:

  • Develop specific areas of the public speaking skill-set that seldom get attention but make the difference between a ho-hum presentation and a powerfully persuasive one
  • Capture your listeners’ attention and create a positive impression with your first sentence
  • Structure your information so listeners understand and remember your message
  • Diagnose resistance to your ideas and apply appropriate strategies to overcome it
  • Make a simple yet powerful mental shift that simultaneously calms your nerves and builds rapport with your listeners
  • Adjust your message and methods depending on the context, size and formality of the occasion


Melissa Lewis
Melissa Lewis has 20 plus years’ experience as a communication consultant, trainer and coach, and has worked with thousands of speakers in the U.S. and abroad. She has presented well-received programs at PRIM&R and at many medical and research institutions across the country.

Gigi McMillan
Gigi McMillan is a subject advocate for local and national IRBs, and specializes in consent issues and the rights of children in research. She is a spokesperson for the pediatric brain tumor community, and frequently presents at PRIM&R events, conferences, and IRB continuing education seminars.