Workload and Salary Surveys

Participate in the IRB and IACUC Administration Workload and Salary Surveys

Better understanding how your work compares to that of other research ethics professionals around the country can help you better advocate for yourself in your career and help your institution build the most efficient and effective program. Help us help you by completing PRIM&R’s Workload and Salary Surveys.

The surveys, should take less than 15 minutes to complete. The deadline to complete the survey(s) is February 12, 2020.

If you work primarily with IRBs, please respond to the IRB Administration survey.

If you work primarily with IACUCs, please respond to the IACUC Administration survey.

From the data collected in these surveys, PRIM&R creates powerful Workload and Salary Reports with important insight into trends and opportunities in the IRB and IACUC administration fields. You will be able to access and use this tool for resource management, professional advancement, and overseeing the administrative demands of your IRB and/or IACUC programs.

The more people who complete the surveys, the more comprehensive the results!

Your responses are confidential and cannot be traced to you.

When the Workload and Salary Reports are complete, they will be made available to PRIM&R members and sent to all those who completed the survey (both members and nonmembers).

We greatly appreciate your contribution to this important process. If you have questions about either survey, please contact